Happy Birthday Runkl!

Happy Birthday to our synth-cat friend Runkl in Portland!  From Jeph Nor:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO RUNKL!!! Our best little goofy cuddle ninja 

Jeph hosts the Volt Divers series that I played at in April.  If you are in Portland, I recommend checking it out.

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CatSynth pic: Runkl and Arturia Microbrute

Runkl and Microbrute

Our feline friend Runkl is back with an Arturia Microbrute analog synthesizer from his collection.

You can see some of Runkl’s previous appearances here.

CatSynth pic: Runkl Returns with Modular

Our friend Runkl returns with another portrait in front of the modular synth. Submitted by Jeph Nor via Facebook.

CatSynth pic: Runkl and Modular Synth

Runkl and Modular Synth

Black cat Runkl keeps watch over a massive modular synth setup. Submitted by our friend Jeph Nor from Portland.