CatSynth Pic: Frank, Arturia BeatStep Pro, and Modular

Frank proudly shows off a massive modular system anchored by a pair of Arturia BeatStep Pros. And in space to boot!

Submitted by Wellington Bär via our Facebook page.

CatSynth Pics: #808Day and #InternationalCatDay

We have this triple image from Roland for the combination of “808 Day” and International Cat Day.

We hope you all have a good day today with your cats and music, whether in space or not.

Happy Birthday Runkl!

Happy Birthday to our synth-cat friend Runkl in Portland!  From Jeph Nor:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO RUNKL!!! Our best little goofy cuddle ninja 

Jeph hosts the Volt Divers series that I played at in April.  If you are in Portland, I recommend checking it out.

See Runkl’s previous appearances on CatSynth.

CatSynth Pic: Teenage Engineering OPportunity-1 (in space)


Cats On Synthesizers In Space

Via the Cats on Synthesizers in Space Facebook Page.

CatSynth pic: Batman and Diablo

Batman and Diablo

Via the Facebook page of Cats on Synthesizers in Space.

We love black cats! 💕

CatSynth pic: Fairlight CMI (in space)


Via Cats on Synthesizers in Space.

The Fairlight was quite the system in its day. You can read more about it here. We also love the cat graphic in classic CRT green 🙂

CatSynth pic: Cat and Teenage Engineering OP-1

Teenage Engineering OP-1

From Cats on Synthesizers in Space.

OK Cat People…… I just love this one ….. A serious looking, orange and white, tabby cat with a Teenage Engineering OP-1 Synthesizer experiencing zero gravity in a Space Ship. The OP-1 looks like a toy, but it is actually very powerful, feature packed little Synthesizer.

We have long been intrigued by the OP-1. Here is our visit to their NAMM 2014 booth.

CatSynth Pic: Furbie Hancock

Furbie Hancock

From the Facebook feed of Cats on Synthesizers in Space.

“Furbie Hancock” sent in by Paul Brocklehurst

It’s not every day that one of our greatest musical heroes is turned into a CatSynth pic 🙂

CatSynth pic: Cat and Access Virus (headed into space)

Cat with Access Virus synthesizer being launched into space

We’re back after a week-long break, and to symbolize the start of good things, we have a cat on an Access Virus synthesizer being launched into space. From Cats on Synthesizers in Space.

Cat, Korg MS-20, and Carl Sagan (in space)

From Cats on Synthesizers in Space