Cat with SOMA Pulsar 32 (“No Contact”)

I’m a little envious of this cat having a Pulsar 32 from SOMA Laboratory (I’m still hoping to have one of SOMA’s works of art here at HQ in the not-too-distant future).

The featured track “No Contact” by SUBEXT is off their album Indigo System, available on the Facade Electronics based in northern Mexico.

El asistente de estudio

This little studio assistant, or el asistente de estudio, is checking out some great synth gear, including an ASM Hydrasynth; he also has his paw on a Rumble of Ancient Times from SOMA Laboratory. To the left our feline friend is a Moog DFAM.

From the Instagram account of Blupoint Music, a musical instrument and audio production store in Chile.

El asistente de estudio chequeando los equipos de nuestra ESTUDIO WEEK 👀

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As my Spanish isn’t quite good enough yet to translate the whole text, we’ll have to settle for Googlish

The studio assistant checking out our STUDIO WEEK equipments 👀

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Cat and Modular (Make Noise, Instruo, SOMA Laboratory, Erica Synths, more)

A very pretty cat framed by a wide variety of modular synthesizers, including offerings from Make Noise, SOMA Laboratory (the Lyra-8 in the lower left corner), Instruo, Erica Synths, Mutable Instruments, and many more.

From Simon RD via Facebook. You can see this cat’s previous appearance here.

SOMA Laboratory Lyra 8

This cat has found a nice warm napping spot atop a SOMA Laboratory Lyra 8. Submitted by Robin Hill via our Facebook page.

We at CatSynth are quite intrigued by the instruments coming out SOMA Laboratory, who are based in Russia and Poland – not our neighborhood of San Francisco. They seem quite original and inventive.

Welcome to the world of sound of LYRA-8, the unique organismic analogue synthesizer designed by Vlad Kreimer. “Organismic” means that LYRA uses some principles that lie in the base of living organisms. The way how LYRA’s modules interacting between each other and the behaviour of the instrument resembles a live conversation.