CatSynth pic: Cat and Moog Minitaur

Cat and Moog Minitaur

Cat with Moog Minitaur bass synthesizer. Photo 📸: by lady.olive on Instagram, shared by our friends at Moog Music, Inc.

“Really feline the bass this #Caturday.”

The cat in this photo looks so much like Sam Sam 😻

Weekend Cat Blogging With Sam Sam: Antics

It’s been a little while since we visited with Sam Sam.

She is quite active, constantly running around and reminding us that she is nearby and needs attention.

In this upside-down pose one can see her “goatee” more fully. It’s part of her distinctive face markings.

We are quite enjoying her many antics. Here we see Sam Sam walking the ledge in the studio, looking for attention of course.

CatSynth Video: Apple and Korg

#Apple #tuxedocat #keyboard #keyboardist #keyboardplayer #korg #catpower #jazz

A video posted by Damien Olsen (@damienolsen) on

Adorable video of Apple the cat playing a Korg keyboard. By Damien Olson via Instagram.

CatSynth video: Koroku The Synthesizer Cat

From simozy on YouTube:

And a second video:

Can anyone recognize the synth underneath the cat?