CatSynth Video: 3 Time & Timbre TimeStings controlling 3 TAL-Basslines

From DaanSynthesizers on YouTube, via matrixsynth.

There are no midi tracks playing in this video. Everything is done live with the Time&Timbre pack. Every Timesting and Bassline-101 is controlled by three knobs and two sliders:

First knob: Density of the Timesting sequencer
Second knob: Offset of a LFO that controls the Filter Frequency
Third knob: Amount of reverb from a Convolution Reverb
First slider: Release
Second slider: Wetness of the Time Delay

A fun video to close out the week. And we love the little cat figurines 😺.

Weekend Cat Blogging and Photo Hunt: Drink

For today’s combined Weekend Cat Blogging and Photo Hunt theme of Drink, we both dig into the CatSynth archives and present some more iPhone Hipstamatic experiments.

First, from the archives (all the way back to 2007), we see Luna enjoying a drink of water:

And some experimental photos of cat figurines and a modernist shot glass.

I tried two different settings. I like the black-and-white film simulation, but I also wanted a color version to bring out the blue color of the glass.

And one more of Luna today wandering by my morning cup of coffee:

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