CatSynth pic: Bella

Submitted by Alessandro Cilano:

here’s my cat Bella, sitting on the chair of power at my desk.
She’s grumpy as there are too many places to fill in my modular and she’s not allowed to play with the patch cables…

We have seen some pictures in the past of his cat Guiliano.

7 thoughts on “CatSynth pic: Bella

  1. She’s controlling a very old and battered Roland MC-505, Nintendo DS running Korg DS-1, Akai LPK 25. The modular includes:
    – Analogue Solutions SY 02 and VCO 2;
    – MFB Dual ADSR and Dual LFO;
    – Doepfer A-138;
    – Too many empty spaces 🙁

    Bella is a female Maine Coon, with the sweetest voice ever!

  2. We think Bella would rather create than play with cables 😉
    In the Chair of Power, surely she can do anything! heehee
    She is lovely too !!
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

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