CatSynth video: Make Noise MMG Jam with Kitten

From grillobeats on YouTube via matrixsynth.

“Now that I have a kitten, it’s become basically impossible to jam on my modular synthesizer. featuring mfb triple osc, peg, doepfer 132, make noise rene and my new mn MMG”

Lots of familiar modules in this one. The kitten seems particularly interested in the Make Noise Rene. I actually haven’t tried out the MMG yet but now I’m curious.

CatSynth video: UKU MAZE shy and strange

A music video this morning, via matrixsynth:

“‘Shy and Strange’ by Uku Maze, 11. december 2011

Lyrics, melody, vocal, arranger & production: Tine Louise Kortermand
Bass & arranger: Boe Katharina Demsy Przemyslak
Beats, synth, arranger & production: Kristoffer Ovesen

Other participants: The dog Zeus, the rabbit Stampe and the cat Gilbert.

Video concept and finalcut edit: Tine Louise Kortermand
Camera: Tine Kortermand, Camilla Kortermand, Xenia Haurand & Rico Feldfoss. Colourgrading: Rico Feldfoss
Thanks to drawings and assistance: Xenia Haurand & Karen MØ”

Look for the white cat Gilbert about 2 minutes into the video. Also look for the bowed electric bass. There are also some interesting moments with line drawings and costuming (particularly the pink and white outfit), as well as a few gear shots with Jomox, Korg, etc.

CatSynth pic: Guiliano (Doepfer and MFB modules)

From Alessandro Automageddon via our Facebook page.

Here’s another picture of Giuliano, the macbook was currently running Apple Mainstage, there’s a small modular rig (Mostly Doepfer modules, with some MFB) and an Akai mpk 25 (not sure about the name). He was mostly interested in the patch cables in the red basket…


CatSynth pic: Giuliano and Ikea Rast

Another from Alessandro featuring Giuliano, via facebook:

“Ikea Rast used as case for modular synth (cable holders, legs and desk are from Ikea too).
The cat is not.”

You can see other Ikea-based modular racks, including the Rast.

(I see Doepfer and MFB modules in the rack, and a Roland MC-505. Please feel free to provide your own identifications for the synths.)

CatSynth pic: Bella

Submitted by Alessandro Cilano:

here’s my cat Bella, sitting on the chair of power at my desk.
She’s grumpy as there are too many places to fill in my modular and she’s not allowed to play with the patch cables…

We have seen some pictures in the past of his cat Guiliano.

CatSynth pic: Pallina and Solton Project 100

From Davide, via matrixsynth:

The synth under the cat is a pretty rare 12DCO Italian polysynth from the eighties [Solton Project 100]…. The cat is Pallina (little ball).

The blue details on the synth and in the background fit perfectly with the site theme of CatSynth, do they not?

From the same post, I also noticed this model from MFB:

The Kraftzwerg from MFB, a pre-patched but completely re-patchable mono analog beast (3 osc, a beautiful double LFO and a very nice sounding 24db VCF). The Kraftzwerg is REALLY the assembly of the modules from MFB so you are not going to loose any of the modulation possibilities.