Bastet and Bitwig Studio, LoFi Style

Bastet calmly kneads some soft blankets to this lo-fi electronic track created in Bitwig Studio (using stock devices with some modifications)

From @remixedcat on Twitter/X. What a great handle for a CatSynth contribution 😺

Xander on a grand piano

Xander sits atop a lovely grand piano along with his horse toy. An acoustic piano isn’t a “synth” per se, but it certainly fits within the continuum of musical instruments with cats that we welcome here at CatSynth. (Think Nora the piano-playing cat)

Submitted by Linda Eisenstein via Spoutible. I believe this is our first contribution from that emerging social network!

Gracie, Arp Omni-2, PPG Wave, Moog

Our friend Gracie is back! She is guarding an Arp Omni-2, PPG Wave, and sundry other synths in the laboratories of Synthetic Dreamscapes, where my friend Alison works magic on these old synths (including our own Octave CAT and Yamaha RX5). You can find more at

To see more of Gracie’s many appearances on CatSynth, please check out her tag.