CatSynth Pic: Porcelain Cat and Akai Synthesizers

Beautiful monochromatic photo of a porcelain cat with vintage Akai synthesizers, including the S700 sampler and VX90 six-voice analog synth.  By Jeroen ten Asbroek via Facebook.


CatSynth Pic: Skinny, Akai MPC Touch, and More

Skinny the Cat with Akai MPC Touch controller

Skinny the cat shows off his Akai MPC Touch controller and software synths. We also see a bit of modular lurking in the corner 😺

Submitted by Alessandro Cilano via our Facebook page

CatSynth pic: Cat in the Studio

Cat with attitude owns this studio. From Yoeri van Spankeren‎ via the Facebook group Synthesizer Freaks.

Don’t touch my stuff or you fucking die…

Cat people know that look well…

CatSynth: Dave and Yamaha RM1x

Dave inspects the RM1x sequencer

Submitted by Karl Lee Avery via our Facebook page.

“Dave approving of my new stand for the rm1x”

CatSynth video: Taide’n Borg – Jorgos and The Revenge on the Iron Beast

From Sun’s May Flower on YouTube, via matrixsynth.


Poly synth – Roland Super JX 10
Bass – Korg Monopoly
Synth Lead – Arp Odyssey
Strings – Solina String Ensemble
Drums – Akai S900


Reverb – Lexicon LXP 15 II
Analog Delay – EEM 2000 ST
Chorus – Boss CH1 Super Chorus
Stereo Phaser – Arion SPH2”

Spot the cat 🙂

CatSynth video: Akai wolf with snare rolls

From DrOctave1 on YouTube, via matrixsynth.

“”Akai wolf with snare rolls and cat paws”

CatSynth pic: Sweet Spot (Arturia MiniBrute)

Cat with MiniBrute

Submitted by ⓉⒺⒸⒽℕ⌽▃ⒾⒹ●⒞⒪⒨ via Twitter.

CatSynth pic: MIDI Kitten :)


Adorable little black kitten checking out its latest composition.

From CallingAllAstronauts on Twitter, via our friend scatterfilter.

If you have a cat-and-gear picture to share, you can always do so by tweeting us @catsynth.

CatSynth pic: Primus, Akai S-20, and modular


Primus (the cat) sits next to an Akai S-20 sampler.  Submitted by Gunfire Horibly via our Facebook page.

Here we see Primus checking out a modular synth:


CatSynth pic: Synth Cat on an Akai AX60


Via matrixsynth.

In addition to the Akai AX60, there is a Yamaha electric organ, ostensibly a YC-45D.