Introducing Newt of the Rock Cats

Newt is the newest member of the Rock Cats that tour with the Amazing Acro Cats. He succeeds the late great Nue as the band’s keyboardist.

You may recall the Acro Cats from previous posts – we always make a point to go see them when they’re in town – and we even had the opportunity to talk to founder Samantha Martin for CatSynth TV.

To found out more about the Acro Cats, including up coming tours and their Rock Cats Rescue organization, please visit

Tweek and Satie, Modified Toy Piano, Modular

We’ve seen Tweek and Satie before on CatSynth, but I think this is the first time we have seen them together. Tweek is the tabby on the left and Satie is the gray on the right. Between them is a modified toy piano with springs and piezo microphone. The springs and the chamber of the toy piano make for some great resonance. And it is a purrfect input source for the modular system.

From Antoine Marroncles via Facebook. You can see Satie’s previous posts and Tweek’s previous posts via their links.

CatSynth pic: Cat and Toy Piano

Cat and Toy Piano

By changeandsassy on Instagram. Submitted by Torley via Twitter.

In the words of Catwerk, “MEOWSIC NON STOP!” HUGS AND PURRS TO YOU AND LUNA =^_^=

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torley #catsynth fo sho… a true virtuoso of the keys 😻🎹

We appreciate the shoutout and thoughts for Luna πŸ’•

Post-weekend Cat Blogging with Luna

It was a rather eventful weekend here with a film project and then a bit of unexpected excitement around a show at Berkeley Arts last night featuring Pitta of the Mind. In the end, everything went well, though Luna would have preferred less excitement. Here she is coming out of hiding after my friends from the film project left and reclaiming her territory.


She is quite fond of this toy piano. I have even heard her press the keys, though I haven’t been able to capture it yet.