Merce with Fuzz Box and Korg Mini Kaoss Pad

Our friend Merce the cat enjoys a nap on a fuzz box and Korg Mini Kaoss Pad. Via Merce’s Twitter feed.

Fuzz Box: Pillow and self

Merce looks very content, which of course makes us happy in turn. We love the retro lettering on that fuzz box. And we have a Mini Kaoss Pad although it hasn’t gotten as much love in recent years.

CatSynth Pic: Cat through Guitar Pedals

This may be the best thing you hear today (besides Sam Sam’s new video on CatSynth TV). From Simon The Magpie via YouTube.





CatSynth Pic: Guitar Pedal

Guitar Pedal with Cats

So that’s how a guitar pedal works! We knew it 😸

Submitted by Polly Moller via Facebook, originally from the Pro Guitar Shop Collective’s FB page.

CatSynth pic: Cat and guitar pedals

Submitted by Chrissie_c via our Twitter @catsynth.

Seems like Twitter has been the main source of reader submissions in the past couple of weeks. But you can still also submit via our Facebook page, or contact us.