Elektron Analog Four and Octatrack

This cat has a pretty cool setup including an Elektron Analog Four – that’s one we don’t see as often – and an Octatrack. We also see a modular system, an FMR Really Nice Compressor, and the mixers and patch bays that are essential for any synth studio. From discotheque_sauvage on Instragram.

This is not the first time we have featured discotech_sauvage, their cat, and their Elektron instruments. Check out this previous post.

Cat with Elektron, Roland, FMR Audio

A beautiful cat with their paws on Elektron Oktatrack (original edition), a Roland JV module (I’m pretty sure it’s the JV-1080), and an FMR Audio 1773 “Really Nice Compressor”. From discotheque_sauvage via Instagram.

We have one of those “really nice compressors” here in the studio at CatSynth HQ. It does live up to its name and is quite handy for live work as well as mixdowns.