Behringer Vocoder VC340 and RD-8 Rhythm Designer

This cat stops to pose as they walk behind the Behringer Vocoder VC340 and RD-8 Rhythm Designer. From signsofthepastband via Instagram.

I was working on mixing a few tracks last night (I’m actually working again!) and I was terrified by a bunch of loud noises coming through the speakers. I turned around and this cat had been walking across my synths.

Sissi Albert Moog

Sissy Albert Moog sits in the middle of a studio; quite appropriately, she sits atop a Moog semi-modular unit. We also see an Arturia MicroFreak, and offerings from Roland, Behringer, Dreadbox, Doepfer, Tiptop Audio, Elektron and more.

From nice_off_1 on Instagram.

My Home Studio (in progress) with Sissi Albert Moog 😺😊

We at CatSynth think the studio is coming along quite nicely.

Dahlia, Roland W-30, Behringer VC340 Vocoder

The beautiful Dahlia returns; this time she is playing a tune on a Roland W-30 with a Behringer VC340 vocoder above. From our friend Rob Robinson via Instagram.

The Roland W-30 was a sampling workstation released in 1989 (about the same time as the Ensoniq EPS workstation that I chose for my own work). The Behringer VC340 is a recreation of the Roland VP-330 vocoder. I was quite intrigued by this offering, as we can see from this NAMM 2019 video.

Bear Performs Arpeggios (Akai, Native Instruments, Behringer, Novation)

Bear performs an arpeggiated solo for us across multiple synths. From HiddenBytes on Twitter.

We see Akai MPK-249 and NI Komplete Kontrol S61 MK2 as Bear’s main keyboards. There are also Behringer RD-8 and TD-3 beat machines, a Novation Launchpad, an Akai Fire, and an NI Maschine MK 3.