Behringer RD-8 and Modular

This cat is singing to accompaniment from a Behringer RD-8 Rhythm Composer and a modular system housed in Arturia RackBrute 6U case. We see offerings from Mutable Instruments, Dopfer, TipTop Audio, Behringer (again), Endorphines, and more.

Submitted by Michael Caves via our Facebook page.

MediCATion (Behringer Poly D and reel-to-reel)

Our feline friend in Malaysia has a found a very relaxing spot on the Behringer Poly D synthesizer. The little paw twitches are too cute!

From Kamal Sabran via Facebook.

CatSynth Pic: Behringer Crave

This adorable cat is playing a Behringer Crave semi-modular synthesizer. From Do Bo via Facebook.

CatSynth Pic: Roland System 8, Behringer VC340, Vermona DRM-1

This handsome cat is in command in the studio, with a Roland System 8 (top), Behringer VC340 vocoder (center right), and a silver device that will be left as an exercise to the reader. [Update. An astute reader identified this as a Vermona DRM-1]

From Dirk Vanstraelen via Facebook.

“Acid Cat” with Behringer TD-3 (Red edition)

This young cat is learning how to tweak bass tracks on a Behringer TD-3. From Michael Caves via Facebook.

Acid cat

I have to admit, this red TD-3 is quite pretty (especially with the translucent case). A quite Google search also turned up a purple edition…

Cat with Behringer CAT

A cat naps next to a Behringer CAT synthesizer. Submitted by Tommy Lok via our Facebook page.

The Behringer CAT is a re-creation of the infamous Octave CAT synthesizer. We at CatSynth are looking forward to doing a side-by-side comparison in the near future.

Blixa with Arturia, Roland, Behringer, Eurorack

Blixa returns to CatSynth today. We see an Arturia Drumbrute and Rackbrute stuffed with sundry Eurorack modules; a Behringer TD-3 (yellow edition) and a Roland TR-8s.

From Neil Parker via Facebook.

Black Kitten with Arturia MicroBrute (Red), Behringer Model D, Theremin

Cute black kitten sits atop an Arturia MicroBrute (red edition), above Behringer Model D synthesizer and next to a theremin. From Sinclair Castro via Facebook.

CatSynth Pic: Fern and Behringer Model D

Fern poses with her Behringer Model D synthesizer. From Mouth Full of Corpses on Twitter.

fern please dust your synth

Cat and Behringer Poly D

This cat seems a bit bewildered by whatever sounds are emanating from the Behringer Poly D. From Chris Borders via Facebook.