Saruman with Yamaha SK50D, CS30, and DX7

Our friend Saruman is back, and he is showing off his vintage Yamaha gear. We see a Yamaha SK50D to the left, a CS30 to the upper right, and a DX7 at the bottom. Three different types of instruments from three different periods of Yamaha’s keyboard and synth history.

Submitted by Héctor Genis (@hdgenis) via Twitter/X.

Saruman on Yamaha SK50D

Saruman performs for us on the Yamaha SK50D vintage analog ensemble synthesizer.

From hdgenis (Héctor D. Genis) via Instagram and Twitter.

Saruman en el estudio grabando algunas de sus ideas para una nueva canción.

We’re now getting to the point where I can start to translate Spanish myself without resorting to Googlish.

“Saruman in the studio recording some of his ideas for a new song”

Shiro and Casio SK-8

We have a couple of beautiful model shots of Shiro with his Casio SK-8

From Héctor D. Genis (@hdgenis)

Shiro feliz con su Casio SK8 creando acordes para nuevas rolitas.

My best effort as translation:

“A happy Shiro with his Casio SK-8 creating chords for new songs”

The Casio SK-8 is one of the rarer members of the SK series. It has similar ROM sounds and rhythms, and a lo-fi sampler. It also has some drum pads, which are a nice touch. It would seem to have been geared toward the educational market, as it has LEDs that light up above the keys. More details can be found here.

Shiro, Yamaha YC20, Roland TR707 and JX8P, more

Shiro Poses adorably atop the red Yamaha YC20 organ. We also see two Casio SK-1s, a Roland JX-8P, and a Roland TR-707 drum machine.

From Héctor Genis (@hdgenis) on Twtitter.

If Shiro’s collection of instruments looks familiar, you would be correct. It is the same set that Saruman posed on last week. Siblings Shiro and Saruman live in Mexico City with their human.

Saruman, Yamaha CS30 and DX7, Casio SK-1

We have another show of Saruman in action on his vintage Yamaha CS30 and DX7 synthesizers. In true cat form, he is able to play both at the same time. We also see the Casio SK-1 sampler in the middle.

From our friend hdgenis (Héctor D. Genis) on Instagram. To see Saruman’s other appearances on CatSynth, please visit his tag.