Nicolai, Korg Microsampler, Alesis Drums and Compressor

Nicholai sits comfortably in front of a Korg Microsampler and Alesis drum machine and compressor. He also happens to be the brother of Hookah the Cat, whom we have featured many times here on CatSynth.

From Darren Douglas Danahy via Facebook.

Hookah the Cat is always getting on the CatSynth page for playing on my keyboards… Nicolai however, likes to hang out on the other side of the room by the Alesis drums & compressor along with the Korg microsampler, Kustom guitar amp, and Roland guitar synth. He actually likes to take the drumsticks from the area and play with them.

Sounds like Nicolai is becoming quite the drummer in his own way 😹

Hookah the Cat Returns

We have some cute pictures of our friend Hookah the Cat playing keyboard. It looks like he is getting ready to sing, too.

Submitted by Hookah the Cat’s human via our Facebook page. You can hear some of Hookah’s collaborations with the Lasse Jenson Trio below.

You can also see some of Hookah’s previous appearances on CatSynth via this tag.

Hookah the Cat, Roland, Korg

Hookah the cat is back! This time he has a Korg Microsampler, Roland JD-8000, and Roland PianoPlus 70.

You can hear some of Hookah’s music here:

You can also see Hookah’s previous appearances on CatSynth via this link.

CatSynth Audio: “Side Hookah” from Hookah the Cat

We have a new audio release from our friend Hookah the Cat! 😺

Hello, my first official release came out this week. I played every sound on it, my human merely recorded it. Availabe as digital or on a split cassette with the lasse jensen trio.