CatSynth Audio: “Side Hookah” from Hookah the Cat

We have a new audio release from our friend Hookah the Cat! 😺

Hello, my first official release came out this week. I played every sound on it, my human merely recorded it. Availabe as digital or on a split cassette with the lasse jensen trio.

CatSynth pic: Hookah the Cat and Synths

Hookah the cat returns with a contemplative studio picture. Submitted via our Facebook page

“What key to write in today?”

Identification of all the synths left an an exercise to the reader 😺

CatSynth video: Hookah the Cat

It’s always great to meet new synth cats 😺. Meet Hookah the Cat, who plays synths!

Submitted by Hookah the Cat via our Facebook page.

Hookah has quite a collection, and is working on an EP scheduled for release next year.