Today's preformance. Listen live online!

For those interested in either attending (if you're in the Bay Area), or listening online this evening, here's the vital stats on my show today:

Sunday, Jul 15 2007 12:30 PM – 11PM

21 Grand
416 25th St @Broadway
Near 19th Street BART

7:00 Amar Chaudhary solo digital

In conjunction with 21 Grand's 7th anniversary celebration, the 7th annual Transbay Skronkathon BBQ is an all-day marathon music and BBQ extravaganza. Admission is free, but we'll pass the hat for the benefit of the Transbay Creative Music Calendar. We'll have a couple of charcoal grills out in the alleyway for your gustatory pleasure (BRING STUFF TO GRILL!) and a double load of the Bay Area's best creative musicians inside for your listening pleasure.

If you are unable to attend, you can listen to a live internet stream, provided by sfSoundRadio. It works easily in iTunes or Windows Media Player, or other standard media players. My performance will be a 7PM US Pacific time (-0700). Listen in if you can!

New podcast: Cell-phone feedback 070807

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This was a little bit of fun some friends and I had a picnic today with cell-phone feedback. Basically, one person calls the other in close proximity, and both parties set the phones to speaker-mode. What happens then is what you will here in tonight's exciting podcast release.

Yes, this is the sort of thing that can happen when you have too many electronic-music geeks and too much alcohol, but hey, it's fun for the whole family. It's true, whole families were having fun, or at least some members of whole families…

I am also launching the new improved CatSynth Channel website at It should be a lot cleaner and more obvious (i.e., it now says “CatSynth Channel” in big letters), plus you can listen live on site to any podcast episodes you want, no need for a portable player or iTunes/Windows Media Player, etc. Of course, you still subscribe using the feed icon above. In any case, enjoy the crazy music.

CatSynth Pic: Blue Kitty

Submitted by daddio from tapewarm (Music from Marz):

This is a great pic. And I've been to the tapewarm site before. They have a lot of great free MP3 downloads of their music. One of the frequent guest performers is Lx Rudis, with whom I have played at least once…

Podcast correction

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It looks like the Sunday podcast featuring another track from deCouto was not properly linked and thus did not load properly for everyone. I fixed it yesterday, so anyone who missed the latest episode should do so now. I apologize for the mistake.

New podcast: POK-A-TOK-3 by deCouto

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Tonight's podcast is another track from expire(ments) in patience bythe band DoCouto. From their page at the Internet Archive:

recordings made between 1995 and 2006. ocations include texas,new orleans,seattle and new york.

The track “patty hurts” was featured on a previous podcast.

This work was made available under a Creative Commons license that allows for free sharing and distribution. Click the icon below for license details:

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New Podcast: Remix of Ninjam sessions June 15/17, UCSC DANM exhibition.

Well, it's another Sunday, and another podcast for the CatSynth Channel.

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Tonight's podcast features some live internet improvisation using NINJAM, a system that allows people to share live audio in real time and thus jam together over the internet. To overcome network latency that has stymied most systems for online collaboration, NINJAM actually adds delay so that everyone's audio conforms to a particular meter and tempo, i.e., everyone's down beats are in sync though they may be a measure or two off from one another. This leads to either simple “groove” jams on one or two chords and a steady beat (think of the 70s jazz classic Chameleon), or freeform improvisation.

The particular sessions used in this remix were from June 15 and 17 featuring several performers live at the Digital Media Factory in Santa Cruz California as part of the MFA Exhibition for the Digital Art and New Media (DANM) program at UC Santa Cruz. Though I am not a student, one of my best friends is, and so I had the opportunity to perform in several of the jams with local musicians as well as others over the internet.

Out of several hours of material, I made a 30-minute “remix” of several of the jams. The feel ranges from free-form to driving funk/jazz rhythms to a relaxed fusion/lounge feel (this happened when most of the musicians turned out to be keyboard players) and more.

All recorded mixes from the NINJAM AutoSong Archive, which are the sources for this track, are released under the Attribution, Noncommercial, Share Alike Creative Commons License v2.5..

Collaborators on the various jams include synthany, mvollrath, dbkick, tbfx, Funkify, leftyf, Oubien_ke, ekinox, hotdog, and chazz. (Sorry if I missed anyone).

Synthany is Synthia Payne and friends at the DANM exhibition, where I played as well. For my parts, I used E-MU Emulator X2 on my PC laptop, doing keyboard/piano, rhythms (using TwistaLoop), and even some bass when it was needed.

As always, comments are welcome. I'm not sure my brief discription really did justice to the topic or this particular example of online music collaboration, so feel free to ask more about it, or research the topic for yourself. In the meantime, enjoy.

New Podcast: "patty hurts" by DoCouto

Today's podcast is a track entitled “patty hurts” by the band DoCouto from a series entitled expire(ments) in patience. From their page at the Internet Archive:

recordings made between 1995 and 2006. ocations include texas,new orleans,seattle and new york.

This track uses a recording of Patty “Tania” Hearst with heavy electronic processing and overlaid with instrumentals. The result is a somewhat gritty mixture of hard rhythms and experimental voice work.

This work was made available under a Creative Commons license that allows for free sharing and distribution. Click the icon below for license details:

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New Podcast: "Mission Accomplished (again)"

Some of you may have seen my parody of Bush's May 1, 2003 “Mission Accomplished” theatrics, and a few of you may have even gotten the joke.

In any case, I posted a version to YTMND complete with remixed clips from the speech. Tonight's podcast is an extended version of that speech remix. As always, click on the podcast icon to the right, or the “Podcast” item in the right-side menu, to subscribe.


New Podcast: Synth Summit at Luggage Store Gallery, July 2004

Tonight's podcast is an excerpt from the “Synthesizer Summit” at the Luggage Store Gallery in San Francisco. Basically, the performance is an improvisation by several artists playing hardware synths. If I recall correctly, the artists and their respective synths were:

Synthia Payne: Roland JP8000
Amar Chaudhary: E-MU Proteus 2000 (Mo'Phatt + Vintage) and Morpheus
LX Rudis: Oberheim Matrix 12
Jim Ryan: Arp 2600
Will Grant: E-MU UltraProteus

Note: many subscribers may have heard another excerpt fromt the Synthesizer Summit that I accidentally released a few weeks back instead of the advertised Woodstockhausen 2003 performance (that has since been corrected).

Podcast correction

A serious “mybad moment” with the podcast series. The March 25 release “Charmer:Firmament from Woodstockhausen 2003” had the wrong audio file. I have now corrected the situation, and the proper audio is linked in.

Those who have already subscribed and downloaded the March 25 episode will probably have to either unsubscribe (as I did in iTunes) or perform some other acrobatics to get the updated audio.

The “incorrect” piece was an ensemble improv from 2004 that I may release in an upcoming episode, this time properly labeled and attributed.