Wordless Wednesday: Coffee Cup on the Patio

Weekend Cat Blogging: back on the patio

We had another warm weekend, so Luna and I enjoyed some late-October time out on the patio.

I particularly like this second photo, with its sparse quality. Luna and screen are discrete elements on the continuous field of stone squares.

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Weekend Cat Blogging: Enjoying the outdoors.

Our weather continues to be unusually warm and sunny (considering the reputation of San Francisco summers from Mark Twain’s apocryphal comment). And Luna continues to enjoy time out in our little urban garden.

Here we see her strolling:

And stopping to pose in front a metal screen sculpture:

Right now, we have two sculptures outdoors: the black metal screen, and the rusted metal work Pierced Screen by J. Michael Smiley.

This weekend is looking to be exceptionally warm again (well into the 90s in this neighborhood), so Luna has wisely retreated indoors.

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Weekend Cat Blogging: A triangle of light

This weekend, we have Luna basking in a triangular patch of light.

It reminded me of some of the architectural photos I have been taking, both the triangular shape and the stone surface. And it has a feeling of emptiness, though things can never be too empty with a playful cat.

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Weekend Cat Blogging: On the patio

Despite our busy schedule, we at CatSynth make sure to get some time to play outside on the patio.

Luna often just strolls around, but sometimes she seems to really enjoy stretching and rolling around on the (rather dirty) tiles:

Yet she somehow manages to still look clean and sleek and shiny afterwards…

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Weekend Cat Blogging: Patio one last time

This weekend we revisit Luna’s adventures on the patio, before the construction/destruction begins on Monday.

[click each photo to enlarge]

[click each photo to enlarge]

It is ironic how it was only after our move to the city that Luna got to enjoy time outdoors. Our patio is high above the ground and safely enclosed by high walls. The watery theme of the murals depict ocean, beaches, and all sorts of critters:

It will be sad to see it so badly damaged in the construction. Fortunately, we are going to have it restored in the spring. No two original works of art are ever alike, but the restored version could end up even better.

Another issue with the construction is that is isn’t a safe place for a cat. Luna will be checking into a great nearby boarding facility. She will be doted on and treated quite well. However, it is probably going to be a bit lonely here at CatSynth HQ.

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Wordless Wednesday: Luna on the Patio

Weekend Cat Blogging: Outside!

We have been having a gorgeous week here in San Francisco. September is our real “summer” season, the warmest, clearest and driest month of the year.

Luna is an indoor cat, but today she was given a special opportunity to venture outside. It all begins with an open door:

All these new sounds and smells from the open portal pique her curiosity. Of course, they’re not entirely new, as she has experienced them through open windows. But this is different, and even a bit scary.

But curiosity wins out, and Luna steps over the threshold into this strange world.

Tentatively at first, she begins to stroll out onto the patio, taking in all the new sights, sounds, smells and textures.

Just as with our indoor habit, Luna’s natural beauty shines outdoors as well, against the plants and artwork.

The way she strolls about seems even more “panther-like” than usual.

Of course, this excursion only lasted a few minutes, as Luna made a hasty retreat indoors for a “shelter within a shelter.”

We are fortunate to have a large private patio with high walls here at CatSynth HQ, an usual feature in this section of the city. Part of the motivation for this outing is simply to share the experience of a sunny day on the patio with Luna, but also to give her a chance to become familiar with it, less frightened and more confident, in case she does get out accidentally; and to let her see how easy it is to find the door and come back inside. The walls are probably too high for her to scale, but one should never underestimate the athletic abilities of cats. I would not allow her out on her own. And I am sure some will question with wisdom of letting her out at all.

Nonetheless, it is a reminder that in life we do sometimes need to venture out and take risks. Not stupid, reckless ones, but at least some. Certainly, our move her was one such move, but it was worth it. And perhaps it is time to start taking more…

We at CatSynth are also thinking about our human and animal friends along the Gulf Coast, Cuba, and the Caribbean, whose weather will be anything but clear and sunny in the next few days and who may be facing evacuation exactly three years after Hurricane Katrina. Stay safe and dry, friends.

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Wordless Wednesday: From the home office…