CatSynth pic: Sherman Filterbank and Waldorf

Cat with Sherman Filterbank and Waldorf synth

Maurice the cat sitting on a Waldorf synthesizer and showing off his Sherman Filterbank. From skaiottolo on Instagram.

It would be interesting one day to pair a Sherman Filterbank with the modular synth at CatSynth, including the Metasonix modules…

CatSynth pic: Rodec Sherman Restyler


Submitted by Mieke Frere via our Facebook page.

“I’m waiting for some music !”

And as one commenter wrote: “GOOD MUSIC!” ­čÖé

If you have any experience with this device, the Rodec Sherman Restyler, please leave a comment.

CatSynth video: do re minor

A great demo track from Ebotronix on YouTube. Via matrixsynth. It includes an impressive array of synth gear. And watch for the cat in the corner ­čÖé

4ms Peg, QCD / Expander, RCD, VCA Matrix
Analogue Systems RS100┬▓,RS110┬▓┬▓,RS 170,RS360┬▓,RS500e┬▓
Arp Odyssey 2821 white noise
Bananalogue VCS
Cyndustries Zero Oscillator
Doepfer R2m, A118, A134┬▓┬▓, A143-2,A148,
A 149-1, A151┬▓┬▓,A160/161, A175┬▓┬▓,A185-2, A 138c
Flame Chord Machine┬▓,Talking Synth Module┬▓
Grendel Formant Filter┬▓
flight of harmony choices
Make Noise PP, Maths┬▓,Moddemix┬▓┬▓,Optomix,QMMG,Ren├ę, Woglebug┬▓
Malekko Anti Oscillator┬▓┬▓ Uncle┬│,Jag
Moog Freqbox┬▓┬▓,MP201
Oberheim Sem
Sherman Filterbank 2
Simmons Clap Trap
SSL Modulation Orgy
Tip Top Audio Z8000 manual voltage source
Toppobrillo Quantimator,Sportmodulator,TWF┬▓
Logic masterclock to Kenton Pro 2000┬▓ , QCD,Peg, RCD
FX :Boss VF1,Lexicon MX 400,PCM 80, Line6 echopro,TC M one XL
mackie the mixer┬│
kick by RS110 Maths QMMG

Sherman Filterbank Banner Cat

Can't believe I never noticed this before. A friend found this filter-tweaking cat in the banner for Sherman Filterbanks:

Of course I follow the link back to Analogue Haven, but I've got enough gear at the moment and should probably spend some more time making music with it…

I can haz filterbank?