CatSynth Pic: Lucy, Elektron, and Modular Synth

It seems to be the week of the Elektron Octatrack, as we have two or three of them in today’s pic.  Also featured are the adorable cat Lucy, and a large modular synthesizer system.  I recognize a Make Noise Tempi and Rene on the bottom row – we have that pair here at CatSynth, too.

Today’s photo comes to us from Lucy’s Instagram @dropzone_lucy

If you are on Instagram, please follow us at @catsynth, and you can tag your own pics #catsynth to be featured in a future post.

If you are on Instagram, please follow us at @catsynth, and you can tag your own pics #catsynth to be featured in a future post.

CatSynth Video: couch cat (octatrack)

From sascha schwartz on YouTube.

some lofi jazz sampling mangling with the octatrack featuring Sima the best couch cat ever!

You can also check out a bit more of sascha schartz music on SoundCloud.


CatSynth Pic: Elektron Digitone and Digitakt

Shelum the cat jams with both a Digitone and Digitakt from elektron.  Photo via harpum1 on Instagram.

These two boxes from elektron have become quite popular, and they do make a nice self-contained system for beat-based music.  I did have the opportunity to play them both at NAMM this year 😺


CatSynth Pic: Black Cat and Elektron Analog Keys

Black Cat and Elektron Analog Keys

Black cat with Elektron Analog Keys.  Instagram by anika_or from St. Petersburg, Russia.

The Elektron Analog Keys is a four-voice analog synthesizer that can also be used as both a MIDI and CV keyboard controller.  You can read more about it on Elektron’s website.

You can find more Elektron photos and our NAMM reviews via this link.

NAMM 2017: Elektron Digitakt and Analog Heat

We begin our real NAMM 2017 coverage with offerings from Elektron. Many folks in our community have been anticipating the Digitakt.

The Digitalk is a compact unit combining a drum synth engine, multitrack sequencer with both MIDI and audio capabilities, and sampler. This will be very handy for those who work with those classes of instrument and want a quick and easy set up. While we weren’t able to hear it today, the demo case had a rather interesting video background.

Also on display was the Analog Heat, billed as both an “audio enhancer” and “audio destroyer”.

We were able to play this one. The different preset settings were quite diverse and would add to live performance, given a good sound system. The equalizer and filter sections were interesting to play with as well. They had a clean sound that didn’t muddy the source. Unless of course you want it to. Then it can become the audio destroyer that is is billed as. This is clearly intended as the last in a chain for live use, a final stage before the PA or amp.

CatSynth pic: Cat, Access Virus TI2 and Elektron Analog


Cat peeking out next to Access Virus TI2 and Elektron Analog synthesizers. From puxflux on Instagram.

CatSynth Video: MachineDrum Unboxing with Cat

From carianoff on YouTube:

Didn’t see an actual unboxing for the Machinedrum so I just went ahead an made one. My cat Rikku quickly got involved in the process.

Not surprisingly, the cat is more interested in the box.

Not surprisingly, the cat is more interested in the box.

CatSynth pic: Between the Octatrack and Minitaur


This cat found a comfy spot between a Elektron Octatrack and a Moog Minitaur. From
Erkal Taşkın via the Facebook group Synthesizer Freaks.

“She finds comfort in the most awkward places…”

CatSynth pic: Lemur and Elektron

Cat with Lemur and Elektron Analog Four

This cat is presiding over a tidy studio that includes a Lemur and an Elektron Analog Four synthesizer. From Nerd Audio on Instagram.

CatSynth pic: Elektron Analog Keys and Scritches

Elektron Analog Keys

This cat is enjoying some scritches while standing atop an Elektron Analog Keys synthesizer. From Joakim Hellgren on in the Synthesizer Freaks group.