Orion, Serge Panels, and more

Orion returns, and handsome as ever! His collection of Serge Panels seems to be growing 😺. We do see the Sequential P6 off to the left. Behind him, we see some classic audio gear including Culture Vulture, Joe Meek, and a Retro Revolver compressor.

Submitted by Justin Sullivan, aka justin3am. You can check out some of his music and other media via his website.

Orion and Eurorack Serge (Random*Source)

Orion the gray tuxedo cat sits behind a Eurorack serge modular system with numerous patch cables.

Orion shows off a complex patch on a Eurorack Serge system featuring modules by Random*Source. From Justin Sullivan (@justin3am) on Twitter.

We at CatSynth have long been curious about those Serge modules from Random*Source as a way of exploring Serge-style modular synthesis in more detail. The underlying premise is building up complexity from very simple building blocks like slope generators.

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Orion and Pedals (Hologram Electronics, Electro-Harmonix)

Our pal Orion is back with a couple of pedals: a Hologram Electronics Microcosm and Electro-Harmonix Platform. That Thermionic Culture distortion unit (red) looks pretty cool, too!

From Justin Sullivan (@justin3am) on Twitter.

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CatSynth Pic: Orio with Make Noise synths and Echo Fix Tape Echo

Orion stands proudly atop en Echo Fix Tape Echo EF-X2. To the right, we see a collection of instruments from Make Noise: Strega, O-Coast, and 0-Ctrl. To his left, we also see a Joe Meek compressor and Meequalizer combo.

From justin3am on Twitter.

Pets for me, plx?

This handsome boy is so funny! He gets up here whenever I start pulling patch cables. He like rubbing his face on cables, so this is like him saying “If I can’t pet myself, you need to pick up the slack!”


We hope that he got the pets that he deserves!

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Orion and ARP 3620 keyboard

Handsome Orion poses in a sun puddle in front of an ARP 3260 keyboard. This is the keyboard that goes with an ARP 2600 synthesizer. From Justin Sullivan (@justin3am) on Twitter.

The original ARP 2600 didn’t have a keyboard built in. The 3260 was the keyboard that one could attach, and usually appears with it in regular use. You can see our video from NAMM 2020 testing out the 2600 reissue from Korg (which includes the keyboard).

Eventide H9000, Universal Audio, and more.

Orion the cat in front of an Eventide H9000, Universal Audio boxes, and more audio processing gear.

A more recent photo of Orion, who we featured last week and in a few other posts. He really looks like Big Merp from this angle, though he has a smudge on the right side of his nose.

Submitted by @justin3am via Twitter.

Orion (and Justin) have some very cool audio gear here, including the Eventide H9000 and some analog Universal Audio. We at CatSynth do covet these. 😸🎛

Valentino with Elektron RYTM & Octatrack

This is not Big Merp. It’s our friend Valentino, who has found a nice napping spot between the Elektron RYTM and Octatrack and the computer (with an Orion interface). We also see a Red Panda Particule pedal.

Via Patricia Wolf on Twitter.

Had to unplug the RYTM + Octatrack because that’s where he wants to sleep right now.

As the late great Serena Toxicat said, “A cat does what a cat does” 😸

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