CatSynth Video: Cleo and synthiefrau

Originally titled “Analog and digital Synths work together…Mini Moog,” From Synthiefrau on YouTube, via matrixsynth:

Hi Folks, the night is cold and grey and I play Synthesizers. Sorry for the mistakes, I play live. My siamese cat Cleo listening, she love Synths also. Mini moog leadsound, Synton Syrinx leadsound, the sequenz is from the Modularsystem, My left Hand played the Roland V-Synth. Effects comes from the Roland Juno 60 and my little “kloiner Racker” Doepfer Dark Energie.
Synthesizers are my life!!1

Watch Cleo during the video. Like Luna, she sits quietly and puts up with her human’s weird sounds, but will make it very clear when she wants some attention for herself.

One thought on “CatSynth Video: Cleo and synthiefrau

  1. That was great. Paddy and Briti immediately came to look and listen. They pretended to be asking for attention and petting, but really they were dancing.
    Dushi was not so impressed, but he is more a saxophone and guitar kind of cat.

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