Saruman on Yamaha SK50D

Saruman performs for us on the Yamaha SK50D vintage analog ensemble synthesizer.

From hdgenis (Héctor D. Genis) via Instagram and Twitter.

Saruman en el estudio grabando algunas de sus ideas para una nueva canción.

We’re now getting to the point where I can start to translate Spanish myself without resorting to Googlish.

“Saruman in the studio recording some of his ideas for a new song”

Toulouse and Modular

Handsome Toulouse sits atop a modular system featuring modules from a wide variety of makers, including Make Noise, Mutable Instruments, Noise Engineering, Expert Sleepers, Wrong Electronics (the intriguing-liking Vector Space module in the lower left). From hshmodular, who also has a series going into detail on several of the modules on their Instagram. Check it out!

Kamal Sabran and Cat in the Studio

Kamal Sabran’s cats have appeared several times on CatSynth. This time, human and cat are together as they work on some experimental tracks. We see a Roland SP-404SX sampler/sequencer, a Behringer Neutron, a vintage Ace Tone Rhythm Fever, an analog oscilloscope, and an analog reel-to-reel tape recorder.

Check out their new album and more at

Pumpkin, Roland System 100, TR-808, Arp Odyssey, Korg MS-10

Pumpkin has an impressive set of vintage synthesizers, including the Roland System 100 modular, Roland TR-808 drum machine, ARP Odyssey, and Korg MS-10. From Lowfish on Twitter.

This is the setup for the track “c100” on the forthcoming Lowfish album “Grey With Breaks.” Pumpkin (my cat) gets ZERO credit for her contributions to this record. You can pre-order the limited edition “cloudy grey” LP version from Bleep here:

Please check out their new album. And we at CatSynth are here to recognize Pumpkin’s contributions.

Bread with Yamaha DX100 and DX7

Bread is back, and this time he is playing two of Yamaha’s classic FM instruments, the legendary DX7, and the smaller DX100. From thedigitalpurrgatory via Instagram.

Bread likes his frequencies modulated.

The DX100 is a four-operator FM synthesizer, similar to the DX27 and DX21, but lacking the extended features of the TX81Z. The DX7 is, of course, the six-operator FM workhorse of its era, and the most well-known of the entire line.