Wordless Wednesday: Archway

A captivating modernist archway at a small (closed) movie theater in western San Francisco.

Milo, Jet, Korg

Jet and Milo return to CatSynth with a Korg keyboard synthesizer.

From Keith Winstanley via Facebook.

Olly, MicroKORG, and MS-20

A moody picture featuring Olly the tabby cat. The dark surroundings make it challenging to see, but there is a MicroKORG, an MS-20, and probably one more instrument in there.

From somedustup via Instagram.

instrument racks are the best cat trees ever made! Fully tested and approved by Olly… whether we like it or not! 😏


CatSynth Pic: RobotSPEAk

Cat with an epic wall of modular. Submitted by Steve Taormina of ROBOTSPEAk, our local synthesizer store in San Francisco. You can see many posts previous posts here, as well as several videos on CatSynth TV.

Please check out ROBOTSPEAK’s online shop and consider buying something. We at CatSynth will be doing so.

CatSynth Pic: Modular Cat

Cats fit into the strangest places. That includes spare HPs in a modular system. In addition to the cat, we see many familiar modules (and a Keystep Pro). Full list of brands in the tags for this post.

From John Rennie via Facebook.

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday: Lands End

Looking west onto the Pacific Ocean from the Sutro Baths ruins in San Francisco. This photo was taken using a Soviet-era Helios 44-2 lens, which gives it (at least to my eyes) a retro vibe.

MediCATion (Behringer Poly D and reel-to-reel)

Our feline friend in Malaysia has a found a very relaxing spot on the Behringer Poly D synthesizer. The little paw twitches are too cute!

From Kamal Sabran via Facebook.

Mininova, Yamaha and Luna

A cute black cat named Luna – not my Luna – walking next to a Novation Mininova synthesizer atop a Yamaha AN1x. From Aidan Taylor via Facebook.

It’s always a treat to come across other black cats named Luna. Our little girl would be proud.

CatSynth Pic: Behringer Crave

This adorable cat is playing a Behringer Crave semi-modular synthesizer. From Do Bo via Facebook.

Wordless Wednesday: Downtown San Francisco from McLaren Park