Saruman, Yamaha SK50D, Strymon Timeline and Roland TR-707

Our friend Saruman listens to a new jam by Héctor Genis on the Yamaha SK50D and Roland TR-707, with the Strymon Timeline pedal melding it all together.

It’s quite remarkable how still Saruman is. He is clearly relaxed and in a comfy place sitting and listening to the music.

Dahlia and Melbourne Instruments NINA

Dalhia a medium hard calico cat poses with a Melbourn Instruments NINA desktop synthesizer.  A lot of other synthesizers can be seen in the background.

Dahlia is one lucky cat! She is showing off the new Melbourne Instruments NINA at the studio of Rob Robinson and  Order of the Static Temple.

We had the opportunity to check out the NINA at NAMM this January. It’s an intriguing instrument with motorized knobs that move to their appropriate positions when you call up presets or automate parameters. You can see it in action in our NAMM demo video.