Baba O’Riley Modular synth cover (with cat)

From Planter Music on YouTube, seen on matrixsynth.

“Maybe I’ll go back and figure out what the second synth is doing but what a classic. I used the ALM ASQ-1 for the main synth arpeggio and then the bass notes. The metropolix is doing the secondary synth part and then the squid Salmple for the drums.”

Wait for the cat to make an appearance about midway through the video 😸

Tweek and Satie, Modified Toy Piano, Modular

We’ve seen Tweek and Satie before on CatSynth, but I think this is the first time we have seen them together. Tweek is the tabby on the left and Satie is the gray on the right. Between them is a modified toy piano with springs and piezo microphone. The springs and the chamber of the toy piano make for some great resonance. And it is a purrfect input source for the modular system.

From Antoine Marroncles via Facebook. You can see Satie’s previous posts and Tweek’s previous posts via their links.

“Cat Synth” by Julia Makivic

This is so cool! The “Cat Synth” is a creative project by Julia Makivic that puts a simple electronic synthesizer inside a plush cat toy. From tink_punk via Instagram. Here it is in action, along with more photos.

Translated from Bosnian to “Google English”:

we can't wait for you to meet the instructor of our first workshop @juliamakivic on Saturday 💓Julia recently worked on an interesting CatSynth project in collaboration with researchers from the University of the Arts in London @ual_cci and we share her video and photos with you.

In this project, alt controller designers (aka makers) are connected with people with disabilities to create an accessible video game interface/controller for them. Julia's Cat Synth helps a pregnant woman with autism who wanted to find a way to bond with her baby and ease anxiety during medical appointments.

The CatSynth produces soothing sounds through a speaker located in the tail and has two modes: for motion and for touch. The touch was intended for moments when the pregnant woman felt tired and did not move much.