Valentino and Novation Summit

We at CatSynth are enjoying Valentino’s drone performance on the Novation Summit. Quite relaxing. The image is quite dark, so this is our quick attempt at brightening so we can see both cat and synth better.

Please check out @patwolfmusic on Twitter for more of Valentino as well as Patricia Wolf’s music. And you can see Valentino’s other appearances on CatSynth via his tag.

White Cat Affection and Keyboard

Beautiful black-and-white photo of a white cat giving affection to a sibling next to a white keyboard. An exercise is both contrast and sweetness.

From fantasamino_and_co on Instagram.

Cat Pianists

An adorable feline duo on the piano. Found by twitter follower Scott (@scrottie)

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The Kiffness X Numnum Cat

This was fun. The Kiffness (aka David Scott) performs trumpet and electronics along with a rhythmic cat. Via the Kiffness’ Facebook page.

David Scott, also known by his stagename as The Kiffness, is a South African musician, producer and parody artist who is the founder and lead singer for the band, The Kiffness. Despite the name of the band, Scott is referred to as The Kiffness alone.ย

It looks like he features “collaborations” with cats quite often, so I suspect he will be back on CatSynth again soon.

Submitted by regular reader Ron Gallagher via our Facebook page.

CatSynth Pic: Akai Controller Perspective

An exercise in perspective as we see a seemingly diminutive cat beyond an Akai keyboard controller.

From fourtwentysound via Instagram.

Dali: That Fader is Mine

The subject line says it all! Dali (the cat) clearly has a keen interest in that horizontal fader and surrounding controls.

Submitted by Dirk Vanstraelen via our Facebook page.

CatSynth Pic: Cat & Modular

Handsome cat and a modular synth. Life is good.

From weedsnob via Instagram.

Cat at the Vintage Synthesizer Museum

A cat floats as melodious sounds are performed on a Roland SH-101 and TR-606, along with the Korg MS-20. Form our friends at the Vintage Synthesizer Museum.

You can see our visit to the VSM in this video.

Valentino with Red Panda, Studio Electronics BoomStar, and Make Noise

Valentino the cat with a BoomStar (upper left), Red Panda Particle pedal (center) and Make Noise 0-coast (lower right)

Valentino poses adorably with a Red Panda Particle pedal, a Studio Electronics BoomStar synthesizer, and a Make Noise 0-coast. From Patricia Wolf (@patwolfmusic) via Twitter.

Got a studio visit today from Valentino

We think he looks a bit like a young Big Merp ๐Ÿ˜บ

Eurorack Improvisation with Cat

Very calming and captivating. The cat things so, too.

Watch all the way through to see the cat get scritches.