CatSynth Pic: Boss DR-660

A cute orange cat and a Boss “Dr. Rhythm” DR-660 come together in this bright photo. From Fa Szi via Facebook.

There is an old DR-660 here at CatSynth HQ, but I haven’t been able to get it to work. This image inspires me to try it again.

CatSynth Pic: Pisze and Boss DR-660

Cute orange cat Pisze poses with a Boss “Dr. Rhythm” DR-660 drum machine. Submitted by Fa Szi via our Facebook page.

CatSynth Video: Lee with Electro-Harmonix 16 Second Digital Delay

Lee is exploring the music and space around an Eletro-Harmonix 16 Second Digital Delay alongside a few other devices from Boss and Line 16. Submitted by our friend and sometime collaborator Suki O’kane.

Lee Attempting To Understand My Music

Alternatively, Lee Attempting to Find a Small Object He Can Throw On the Floor.

This sort of thing is all the same to Lee.

CatSynth Pic: Marsi with Roland, Boss, and Yamaha

Meet Marsi, who has a cool collection of synths and rhythm boxes. He is sitting on a Yamaha CS1-X, and also has a Roland MC-303 and Boss DR-202. From Sascha Kaus via Facebook.

CatSynth video: Taide’n Borg – Jorgos and The Revenge on the Iron Beast

From Sun’s May Flower on YouTube, via matrixsynth.


Poly synth – Roland Super JX 10
Bass – Korg Monopoly
Synth Lead – Arp Odyssey
Strings – Solina String Ensemble
Drums – Akai S900


Reverb – Lexicon LXP 15 II
Analog Delay – EEM 2000 ST
Chorus – Boss CH1 Super Chorus
Stereo Phaser – Arion SPH2”

Spot the cat 🙂

CatSynth video: Donna’s stone table dance

From Ebotronix on YouTube, via matrixsynth.

Korg MS 20 duophonic via
Kenton Pro Solo & Pro Solo Mk 2
Yamaha MCS 02
FX TC M 3000 Boss VF 1
Logic Master Clock & Drums

CatSynth pic: Yamaha, Boss, Korg and Roland

From @kittyroland on Twitter.  Submitted by @monkeyben via our Twitter feed.

CatSynth pic: Zoe and Living Room Studio

From oliverchesler on flickr:

In addition to Zoe the cat, there is a Voice of Saturn, Korg KR-55 and Boss DR-110 rhythm machines, a Roland SH3 and a Yamaha CS5, among others.

Oliver Chesler is also the author of the blog wire to the ear which we at CatSynth follow.

CatSynth video: Audio WeEvil explorations by Prometheus Burning

From telladictorian on YouTube, via :

“Making noise in the Prometheus Burning Studio as Nikki improvises a song with the Audio WeEvil during a Four Pi Movement warm up session. Hardware signal path: BugBrand AudioWeevil08, Boss FZ-2, D…”

Spot the cat who comes over to investigate/participate in the studio session.