CatSynth pic and audio: USB Accelerometer Cat Music!

From Chrissie Caulfield via Twitter:

I attached a Hot Hand USB accelerometer to a cat collar and let Sophie run around and chase a fish-on-a-stick toy for a little while. I captured the MIDI output from this and fed it into a synth on Ableton Live. This is the result!

CatSynth pic: Cleo and Korg Poly 800 II

Cleo and Korg Poly 800 II

Submitted by Regina Cherene via , where you can submit your own cat-and-synthesizer pics.

I am particularly curious to hear from those who still use the Korg Poly 800 II in their music, but as always any or all comments are welcome 🙂

CatSynth pic: Konayuki and Keystation 88es


Submitted by John Sargent Patterson via our Facebook page.

“Konayuki with her Keystation 88es!”

CatSynth pic: Cat and MS-20


Submitted by Eduardo Villanueva Poloni‎ via our Facebook page.  I think I espy a Nord something in the corner as well?

CatSynth pic: Ook (catsynth) pik


From our friend Alex Ookpik (see what we did there?) via Instagram.  Instagram is a great way to get your cat-and-gear pics onto the blog.  Simply post to your feed and leave a comment on your post with “@catsynth”.

CatSynth pic: KMI QuNexus and Crazy Cat

Crazy cat with QuNexus

From Keith McMillen Instruments (KMI), via matrixsynth.

“To celebrate the 1 year anniversary of QuNexus, KMI is proud to announce the QuNexus Video Contest.

For full contest details visit:

Coincidentally, I just acquired a QuNexus, but I don’t think I will be participating in the video content. But if you have one, you should. And if your entry includes a cat, send it our way (either via the contact button or leaving a comment here) and we’ll repost it 🙂

CatSynth pic: Belly Rub?

tumblr_ltzy4o64mc1r4dx5zo1_1280 (1)

Via Awesome Robo.

“Belly rub for a song?”

Identification of the synth left to the reader.

CatSynth pic: Mimi and Minibrute

We have another recent photo of Mimi, this time with an Arturia Minibrute.

Mimi and Minibrute

Submitted by Eric of of polynominal. As one can see in this pic, Mimi is getting older and having some health issues. We at CatSynth are sending her healing thoughts and vibes.

CatSynth pic: Arrakis and SP-808

Arrakis and SP-808

Arrakis returns, this time with a Roland SP-808.  Submitted by Yann Antimoine via our Facebook page.


CatSynth pic: Arrakis and DX7 IID

Arrakis and DX7 IID

Another from our new friend Arrakis, this time with a Yamaha DX7 IID. Submitted by Yann Antimoine via our Facebook page.