CatSynth pic: Teenage Engineering OP-1


Submitted by Brandon Douglas via Facebook. Cats and the OP-1 make a great combination.

CatSynth pic: Belly Rub?


From the blog Awesome Robo.  Many of the pictures are familiar, but not this one with a belly-rub-inviting post similar to Luna’s from the weekend.

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CatSynth pic: still life with Mixtape Alpha (and Nord)


This one is my own composition, with the Mixtape Alpha atop the Nord Stage EX 🙂

CatSynth pic: Turn (Taro and Mopho)


Taro plays a DSI Mopho. From Sawa Masaki on flickr.


Via matrixsynth. Spot the cats.

“Erica Synths teaser ‘Rocket Science’ by team rider $KODEK.
Gear: MPC1000, Erica Synths DIY modules ( MIDI2CV, TH4046 VCO, Yusynth APR VCF, Erica Synths double VCA, MFOS dual AR generator, Erica Synths mixer, Yusynth Output module with mods), Korg Volca beats (clap and hi-hat).
Staring: LUSIS the Cat”

via Imants Dexys on The MATRIXSYNTH Lounge

HELLA KITTY Free Sample Library

From DarkSideoftheTune on SoundCloud. Submitted by Shawn Shirey via our Facebook page

A Howling Free Sample Library from Dark Side of the Tune

Hella Kitty is a 39 sound library containing cat sounds that were altered with a vocoder to create robotic and ethereal sound design options.

Source synthesizers include:

Arturia Minibrute
Moog Slim Phatty
Doepfer Dark Energy

As always, if you like these sounds, please consider stopping by the shop and checking out the other libraries for purchase at

Free Library:…/edit?usp=sharing

I have of course downloaded this one 🙂

CatSynth pic: ROLAND HS 60 SN 551217

Cat and Roland HS

Via matrixsynth, where you can see more photos of the synth (a Roland HS 60) minus the cat.

CatSynth pic: Emily with modular synth and sequencer


Emily sings in front of a modular synth and sequencer.  I also see a Korg mini Kaoss pad.

Submitted by Gunfire Horibly via our Facebook page.

CatSynth Pic: Ensoniq Fizmo


By Crawling Wind via gearslutz.

“Savu prefers the Ensoniq sound!”

There are actually some Ensoniq sounds that I miss, though I was able to re-create most of them in E-MU Emulator X.

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CatSynth pic: Odyssey Cat


Via matrixsynth.

Some readers may recognize “Odyssey Cat” from last week’s Korg MS-20 post.