CatSynth Pic: Gracie, Moog, PPG Wave, and More

Gracie returns!  This time we see her testing out one of her Moog synthesizers (a Sub37 or Subsequent 37).  We also see a Korg vocoder below, and an Oberheim in the back.  In the background, we see a PPG Wave, a rare DK Synergy below it, and a few other synths that we leave as exercises to the reader.  Gracie always has such an impressive collection 😸

From Alsún Ní Chasaide via Facebook.

CatSynth Pic: Gracie and PPG Wave

Gracie returns once again, this time with a refurbished PPG Wave synthesizer.

By Alison Cassidy (Alsún Ní Chasaide) via Facebook.

CatSynth Pic: Gracie, Moog Subsequent 37 and other Synths

Gracie returns, this time with a Moog Subsequent 37.  Though she does seem more interested in the Eurorack modules behind it 😸

“Hmmm. Analog …”

From Alsún Ní Chasaide via our Facebook page.