RIP Mimi the Synth Cat

Mimi and Juno 60

We received some sad news today. Our dear friend and frequent guest on CatSynth Mimì passed away this weekend. She was 19. Mimì had the best synthesizer collection of any cat we knew; and more importantly, she loved a long full life and was very much loved.


Our thoughts and condolences go out to Eric Pochesci of for his loss. He has put together this wonderful tribute page for Mimì. You can also see her many appearances on CatSynth here.

RIP Mimì. You will be missed.

CatSynth pic: Mimi and All the Synths


Our dear friend Mimi returns, with the most epic CatSynth pic ever! How many synths can you name?

Submitted by Eric of polynominal.

CatSynth pic: Mimi and Roland SP-808

Mimi and Roland SP-808

We at CatSynth love Mimi! And we’re happy to feature her once again, this time with a Roland SP-808(EX).

Submitted by Eric of polynominal. Definitely check out his site if you haven’t already.

CatSynth pic: Mimi and Juno 60

From our friends at, Mimi returns once again, with a Juno 60.

At 16, Mimi is a senior cat.  But she is still going strong, and has the best synthesizer collection of any cat we know!


CatSynth video: “64 mania theme” all on roland Juno 60

Mimi makes a cameo appearance in this video by our friends at!

please visit also my juno60 page!!

the 64 mania theme has been done on roland juno 60, abusing on trills and arpeggiators to emulate the typical commodore 64 sid. Hope you like it!

CatSynth pic: Mimi and Korg MS-20

From our friends at, we have a new photo of Mimi with a Korg MS-20.

We are always happy to have a visit from Mimi. You can see her previous appearances here.

CatSynth video: Emu ultra proteus (ultraproteus) 100% sound demo!

From polynominaldotcom on YouTube, another video featuring Mimi!

This time Mimi is posing with an E-MU Ultraproteus. It’s quite similar to the Morpheus that I sometimes use. I haven’t use that synth lately, but probably should break it out again sometime soon.

CatSynth video: Access Virus “A” ambient sound demo – by

From polynominaldotcom on YouTube. Also on matrixsynth.

Appearances by Mimi. Follow her tag to see more pictures.

For more info, longer demo and more, please visit the VIRUS “A” page at this URL:

CatSynth Video: Arp Odyssey Strange noises and drones, using sample and Hold modulations

From our friends at, another video featuring images of Mimi. The modulated sounds are quite interesting as well – lots of rich noisy timbres.

“For more info, longer demo and more, please visit the arp odyssey page at this URL:”

CatSynth video: elka synthex demo by

In the midst of our busy performance/exhibition week, a little light fun with cats and synthesizers:

From on YouTube, home of Mimi. Look for some appearances by Mimi in the video (including a couple of photos that have previously appeared here on CatSynth.

If you have your own cat-and-gear photo or video to share, let us know via facebook, twitter @catsynth, or by contacting us directly.