Drum KAT Cat

Meiko gets ready to lay down some rhythms on the Drum KAT. From our friend Charles Whiley.

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The Drum KAT has long been a fixture in the world of MIDI percussion. I remember the rectangular pad with “Mickey Mouse ears”, as well as the KAT Mallet and the “MIDI Kiti” that converted external triggers to MIDI, something that would still be valuable today with the proliferation of CV, modular, and alternative sensors for making music.

CatSynth Pics: Mr. Maximillion returns

Mr. Maximillion returns to CatSynth, with some of his best studio poses to date. From our friend Charles Whiley via Facebook.

He certainly is a handsome fellow. And his synth collection grows more impressive all the time. We some Sequential (Dave Smith), Moog, JoMoX, Novation,

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CatSynth Pic: Mr. Maximillion in the Studio

We are back from NAMM and resuming regular scheduled CatSynth Pics. Today we have one of our good friends, Mr. Maximillion, in the studio with Charles Whiley. They have quite the synth collection, and always encountering new ones in their photos. And while it isn’t a synth, that mixing console is quite impressive.

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