CatSynth pic: Stevesteve on Wurlitzer

Another from our friend vlern, via our Facebook page.

CatSynth pic: Roberta and KAOSS Pad

Submitted by vlern via our Facebook page.

Roberta still likes the Kaoss Pads.

CatSynth: Play Your Kaoss Pad with a Kitten

Another from vlern (one of or most prolific contributors) submitted via our facebook page. This one features the kitten Roberta on a Kaoss Pad.

CatSynth video: Stella Meets the Monotron, Part 2

The second part of Stella’s encounter with the Korg Monotron, as submitted to our facebook page by vlern.

We can thank Stella and my colleagues at Outsound for the fact that I am going ahead and getting a Monotron for my live-music rig.

CatSynth pic: Stella meets the Monotron, Part 1

First of two videos submitted by vlern via facebook. It looks like he has a new kitten, Stella. Looks like she’s a bit wary of the Monotron, though.

CatSynth video: My Cat is a Synthesizer, Part 4

The latest in the “My Cat is a Synthesizer” series featuring Clyde:

Submitted by vlern via facebook.

CatSynth pic and video: My Cat is a Synthesizer 2.0

A photo and video submitted by vlern via facebook:

“Clyde guards the modular.”

Clyde also stars in the next installment of the “My Cat is a Synthesizer” video series.

CatSynth pic: Sunday on the MG-1

Submitted by Vlern on facebook.

If You can’t find that perfect setting on Your Synthesizer, try using Your Cat.

Submitted by vlern via facebook:

CatSynth pic: Sunday and Soft Synthi

“Sunday the cat On The Soft Synthi.”

Submitted via vlern on facebook.