Mode Machines Xoxbox

This cat is laying down some bass lines with the Xoxbox from Mode Machines. From Martin Nilsson via Facebook.

Cats love acid, it’s a fact!

The Xoxbox is a clone of the infamous Roland TB-303. Although smaller, it includes all the interface elements including the knobs and the one-octave keyboard section. It can also be used as a MIDI sequencer and controller.

CatSynth video: XoXboX plus KOMA AnAlOg gate / delay pedal.

From Janoise on YouTube.

The Koma pedal has a gate and a very short delay.
At the end of the delay range the Koma gets in a kind of a bit-crusher sounding effect.
This is not often found at a analog pedal.
This is because Koma has modded the chip!

Also on matrixsynth, where you can see more videos and find out about the KOMA Elektronik “YouTube yourself!” Competition. They are going to be at NAMM next week.

via KOMA: “By the way, we love cats in videos! ;-)”

CatSynth video: Gabber cat (Bella)

My cat making gabber for us.

Submitted on facebook by Ian Lambert of Daed.

Nord lead’s arpeggiator was producing the kicks and the DSI mopho was making the hoover sounds (Drum machine acted as a sync clock, and the x0xbox was being used as a sequencer for the mopho)

Bella picked up on it pretty quickly.

A black cat, Nord and Dave Smith Instruments, what is not to like?