CatSynth Pic: Dog barking at CAT

Well, that’s quite an interesting pairing: dog sticker barking at The CAT – specifically, an Octave CAT synthesizer.  Seen on matrixsynth.

This one recently came in to Thesis Audio for restoration.

“We took in an Octave CAT for restoration the other day that had this sticker added to the back. I like it!”

Anyone know what the source of the sticker?

I believe this is only the second time we have featured a dog in a synth in over twelve years.

DogSynth pic: Hammond and Nord (Reconnaissance Fly)

A first for us at CatSynth! (And possibly a last as well.)

This is Hammond.  He was helping us out in the studio last weekend as we began work on our Reconnaissance Fly album.

The album, which includes our entire Flower Futures “spong cycle”, is quite an undertaking.  Recording a five-piece band performing live requires a complex setup in terms of microphones, cables and general logistics.  My Nord Stage (in the photo above) is actually one of the simpler elements.  But we got everything working over the weekend, fired up Pro Tools and were able to complete tracking on our first song.  Wisely, we started with the simplest one first.

CatSynth video: Analogue synths and sleeping animals in my bed

From Synthiefrau on YouTube, via matrixsynth:

“Hello lovely synthfolks, my cat Cleo and my dog Susi have a funny life. They always sleeps the hole day and listening to my music;-). The sequenz comes from my 911 Sequenzer, I play the Minimoog, Synton Syrinx, Moog Prodigy, The effects comes from the Roland Juno 60 and from Doepfer Dark Energie”

I quite like the leopard-print Minimoog and modular case.