CatSynth Pic: Giuliano, Mae, and MicroFreak

Giuliano (orange) and Mae (black) enjoy a jam session with the Arturia MicroFreak. Submitted by Alessandro Cilano via our Facebook page.

Giuliano in particular seems to be enjoying it.

The MicroFreak has become one of our main instruments for live performance as well as experimentation. Here is one of our videos demonstrating its features.

You can also see more posts of Giuliano.

CatSynth Pic: Giuliano and MPC Live

Handsome Giuliano poses with an Akai MPC Live. From automageddon on Instagram.

Giuliano and MPC Live: Maine Coon Production Centre

CatSynth pic: Giuliano and Ikea Rast

Another from Alessandro featuring Giuliano, via facebook:

“Ikea Rast used as case for modular synth (cable holders, legs and desk are from Ikea too).
The cat is not.”

You can see other Ikea-based modular racks, including the Rast.

(I see Doepfer and MFB modules in the rack, and a Roland MC-505. Please feel free to provide your own identifications for the synths.)

CatSynth pic: Giuliano, part 2

Today we have another picture from Alessandro Cilano of sleeping Giuliano

“Same cat, slightly bigger, sleeping between an Akai LPK22 and a MacBook. By the bored look on his face you can see he doesn’t like the Access Virus or the Babybox Noise Generator in the background.”

CatSynth pic: Giuliano with MPC-1000 and PSP

Submitted by Alessandro Cilano:

“A still small maine coon sleeping next to my MPC-1000 while I’m messing around with Rockstar Beaterator on PSP.”