Monty lays down some keyboard tracks

Monty is getting ready to lay down some more keyboard tracks. He is very prolific, just like his human, our friend Dave Newhouse, who was part of the pioneering band The Muffins and continues to release new music as part of numerous projects that we follow here at CatSynth.

You can watch our interview with Monty’s human Dave Newhouse as well as composer and musician Jerry King in this video.

You can see Monty’s previous appearances on CatSynth via his tag.

Monty and Nord

Monty is getting ready to play some electric piano on his Nord keyboard. From our friend Dave Newhouse (The Muffins, Moon X, and numerous other musical collaborations).

Monty helping with some keyboard tracks for Michael Bass and my collaboration album. (I especially like Monty’s Fender Rhodes sound on this one.)

You can see our interview with Dave Newhouse and Jerry King below.

You also check out his music at

CatSynth Pic: Monty and Behringer Poly D

Monty (siamese cat) with Behringer Poly D synthesizer

Monty definitely likes the new Behringer Poly D. Submitted by Julian Guffogg‎ via our Facebook page.

The Behringer Poly D is a four-voice version of their Model D synthesizer that recreates the sound of an original Minimoog Model D. They can be used for 4-voice polyphony or stacked atop one another for an eight-oscillator voice. It also has a keyboard reminiscent of the original, and a sequencer and arpeggiator.

You can see a previous post featuring Monty here.