CatSynth pic: Casio Bobcat

From Maggie Osterberg on flickr. Submitted by torley via twitter:

We have seen several pictures of Bob from Maggie Osterberg in the past, often with a Moog.

And please do check out yesterday’s black-cat photo if you have not already done so.

You can always submit photos to us @catsynth on twitter, facebook, or use the handy submission form.

Catsynth pics: Triple Threat

Via our friend matrix, we have a trio of recent photos of cats and synths.

First we have Scooter and Bob (Moog, that is.), originally from Maggie Osterberg at flickr:

Next, we have a big fluffy cat with an Anywhere modular, originally from

And finally, and quite appropriately, the “Matrix Cat” laying claim to an Oberheim Matrix-6r. Originally from synx508, whose cats have appeared here before:

Thanks to matrix for collecting and posting these photos, and for putting up with a lot of cranky comments in response to them. In particular, “Matrix Cat” seems to have generated a lot of harsh comments about how cats and synthesizers should not mix. Lighten up, folks!