CatSynth pic: Jackson and the OP-1

Another photo of Jackson with the Teenage Engineering OP-1, from Maggie Osterberg on flickr. You can see a previous post of Jackson here.

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Cats on Tuesday.

CatSynth pic: Jackson & The OP-1

From Maggie Osterberg on flickr:

More from this series in coming days. It is exciting to see the OP-1 in action (particularly being played by a cat). You can see my preview of the OP-1 from last year’s NAMM show.

CatSynth pic: Bob Moog, March, 2010

From Maggie Osterberg on flickr – and also on matrixsynth this week.

Bob and Scooter are among those cats who have an impressive synth collection (and thus warrant their own tag).  You can follow the link to see previous posts.

CatSynth pic: Synth Scooter, November, 2009

Another from Maggie Osterberg on flickr (via matrixsynth):


You can see more of Maggie Osterberg’s photos of Scooter and Bob here as well.

CatSynth pic: Casio Bobcat

From Maggie Osterberg on flickr. Submitted by torley via twitter:

We have seen several pictures of Bob from Maggie Osterberg in the past, often with a Moog.

And please do check out yesterday’s black-cat photo if you have not already done so.

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CatSynth pic: Scooter and Synthesizer

Another from Maggie Osterberg, featuring Scooter:

CatSynth pic: Contemplating the Micron

Another from Maggie Osterberg. Scooter contemplates an Alesis Micron:

CatSynth pic: Little Catty and Little Phatty

Another from Maggie Osterberg at flickr:

You might remember Osterberg's previous contributions, including this other photo of Scooter and Bob (Moog).

Catsynth pics: Le Chat et Nord, and Bob (Moog)

A prolific week for catsynth pics.

Two more photos via matrix:

“Cat and Nord” (the original title) sounds to me like it should be expressed in French: Le Chat et Nord.

Next, we have another photo of Bob from Maggie Osterberg:

Catsynth pics: Triple Threat

Via our friend matrix, we have a trio of recent photos of cats and synths.

First we have Scooter and Bob (Moog, that is.), originally from Maggie Osterberg at flickr:

Next, we have a big fluffy cat with an Anywhere modular, originally from

And finally, and quite appropriately, the “Matrix Cat” laying claim to an Oberheim Matrix-6r. Originally from synx508, whose cats have appeared here before:

Thanks to matrix for collecting and posting these photos, and for putting up with a lot of cranky comments in response to them. In particular, “Matrix Cat” seems to have generated a lot of harsh comments about how cats and synthesizers should not mix. Lighten up, folks!