Guardian of the Synth (Juno 106)

Cat and Juno 106

Via matrixsynth.

“Kitty says keep away from the Juno 106.”

CatSynth pic: Kitten on the Keys

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Submitted by Serena Toxicat via Facebook.

OK, this may in fact be a train control console, but it’s interesting how much it looks like a synth or MIDI controller. It would be interesting to retrofit one of these to be a musical instrument.

CatSynth video: Cute kitten and spacecraft

From Funnycatsandnicefish on YouTube. Submitted by Diode Milliampere Capacitor via our Facebook page. Barely a “catsynth” video, but it is painfully cute, and it does have a 80s keyboard soundtrack. Anyone want to venture a guess at the instrument used?

CatSynth pic: Kitten and Moog

Submitted via Hans Blieb via our Facebook page.

Thanks to all our wonderful readers and fans who send us these pictures. Keep them coming!

CatSynth pic: Synth kitten

Submitted by Hans Blieb via our Facebook page.

Can anyone identify the synth?

CatSynth pic: Keyboard kitten

Submitted by Jeff Donovick via our facebook page.

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CatSynth pic: Roberta and KAOSS Pad

Submitted by vlern via our Facebook page.

Roberta still likes the Kaoss Pads.

CatSynth: Play Your Kaoss Pad with a Kitten

Another from vlern (one of or most prolific contributors) submitted via our facebook page. This one features the kitten Roberta on a Kaoss Pad.

CatSynth pic: Stella meets the Monotron, Part 1

First of two videos submitted by vlern via facebook. It looks like he has a new kitten, Stella. Looks like she’s a bit wary of the Monotron, though.

CatSynth video: Techno Kitten

From spindizzyman on YouTube, via matrixsynth:

“Training him as an arch nemesis for Deadmau5”

Too bad it’s only 16 seconds, I was starting to get into it.