Persephone and Rob Robinson in the Studio

We have a new picture of Persephone in the studio with her human Rob Robinson, as they get ready to record some new material.

Working on new Order of the Static Temple. The junior studio tech’s input… ‘make it noisier!’ As you wish, mewskers…

This is almost the same as this previous photo featuring Persephone and includes many of the same instruments.

Dahlia, Roland W-30, Behringer VC340 Vocoder

The beautiful Dahlia returns; this time she is playing a tune on a Roland W-30 with a Behringer VC340 vocoder above. From our friend Rob Robinson via Instagram.

The Roland W-30 was a sampling workstation released in 1989 (about the same time as the Ensoniq EPS workstation that I chose for my own work). The Behringer VC340 is a recreation of the Roland VP-330 vocoder. I was quite intrigued by this offering, as we can see from this NAMM 2019 video.