CatSynth pic: Go$$ip by Luke’s Anger – a Teenage Engineering OP-1 Track

Photo from luke sanger to accomapny his track go$$ip, a whispering op-1 groove…. Follow this link for more info – the track can be heard below.

Via matrixsynth.

Duke Slammer: Go$$ip by Luke’s Anger

CatSynth pic: Jackson and the OP-1

Another photo of Jackson with the Teenage Engineering OP-1, from Maggie Osterberg on flickr. You can see a previous post of Jackson here.

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Cats on Tuesday.

CatSynth pic: Jackson & The OP-1

From Maggie Osterberg on flickr:

More from this series in coming days. It is exciting to see the OP-1 in action (particularly being played by a cat). You can see my preview of the OP-1 from last year’s NAMM show.

Teenage Engineering OP-1

Perhaps my favorite new instrument of the show, the OP-1 from Teenage Engineering:

Among the attractive features are its small size, the tape mode (shown in the picture above), and the user interface which uses color coding to visually map the parameters being edited to one of the four colored knobs. The color coding was present in all the modes, including the tape mode, the sampler, the pulse-wave synthesizer, envelope generator and others.

I might have bought one had it already been available.

More info at the Teenage Engineering website.