CatSynth pic: Mimi and Drumtraks (3)

One more picture of Mimi with the Sequential Drumtraks, courtesy of our friend Eric Pochesci of Polynominal:

Follow the link to see Mimi’s previous pictures.

CatSynth pic: Mimi and Drumtraks

Another in our series featuring Mimi and the Sequential Drumtraks.   From Eric Pochesci of Polynominal.

You can see the previous picture in the series that was posted last Tuesday.

CatSynth pic: Mimi and Drumtraks

From our friend Eric Pochesci of Polynominal, some more pictures of Mimi, this time with a Sequential Drumtraks:

I also thought this was a great sepia-tone photo, and quite well posed with Mimi pushing one of the buttons. Look for more of Mimi in the next few days.

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Midnight Monday CatSynth pic

Another from DeadZone, this time inside the original case from the Pro One:

See this photo from last week featuring this Luna look-alike with the fully modified Pro One.

CatSynth pic: Pro One

Submitted by DeadZone:

Pro One (sequential) in a wooden case.

Doesn’t the cat look so much like Luna? How did she get in there?

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