CatSynth Pic: Mister Kitty and RE-303

Our pal Mister Kitty returns to the pages of CatSynth with his new RE-303 bass synthesizer.

The RE-303 is a replica of the infamous Roland TB-303.  This one was assembled by Mister Kitty’s human, Prophei (aka Michael Dietel).  We at CatSynth approve of their choice of the black case. Oh, and it sounds great, too.

As a replica, the circuit board and CPU are compatible with the original TB-303, which suggests the parts can be used to refurbish vintage instruments in addition to building new ones. You can read a bit more in this Synthopia article from 2015.  Clearly, the statement about DIY kits turned out to be wrong, as evidenced by this article.  You can find out more about the RE-303 and kits here.

Meanwhile, we wonder what Mister Kitty may have in store for us next…

CatSynth Pic: Mister Kitty and Roland TR-909

Mister Kitty and Roland TR-909

Mister Kitty returns! This time with a classic Roland TR-909 drum machine.

Submitted by prophei via Facebook.

CatSynth pic: Mister Kitty turns 4

Mister Kitty returns to CatSynth, this time posing with a TB303 clone.

Mister Kitty with TB303 clone

As one can tell from the photo, Mister Kitty was celebrating his fourth birthday. We at CatSynth were on hand to celebrate with him!

Mister Kitty's Birthday Cake

CatSynth pic: Mister Kitty

Mister Kitty returns today, with the impressive synth collection he shares with prophei.

I will leave off the list of synths as an exercise to the reader. Anyone care to give it a try? 🙂

CatSynth pic: Mister Kitty returns

Mister Kitty returns to CatSynth, with a MiniMoog model D!

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CatSynth pic: Mister Kitty and DSI Tempest

Mister Kitty returns, this time with a Dave Smith Instruments Tempest drum machine!

Submitted by prophei.

CatSynth pic: Mister Kitty and ARP 2600

Today we have another photo featuring Mister Kitty!

This time he is assiduously guarding the ARP 2600.

Submitted by prophei.

CatSynth video: shamii_in_studio_annoclip1.m4v, with Mister Kitty

From prophei on YouTube, featuring Mister Kitty and an extensive collection of synthesizers:

“annodalleb studio cuts #1”

We featured Mister Kitty in this previous post.

CatSynth pics: Mister Kitty

We at CatSynth introduce Mister Kitty!

Photos submitted by prophei.

Although hard to see in this photo, the modular features several of the modules we reviewed in our Analogue Haven @ NAMM article. Mr. Kitty poses with synths from Oberheim and Moog in the first photos.